This Hollywood Pawn Broker is Selling Jewelry and the California Dream

The sun has been shining here for a long, long time
Melrose and Cahuenga, Hollywood
Melrose and Cahuenga, Hollywood

Photograph by Alissa Walker

As I was walking down Melrose the other day I was struck, first by the bold colors of this pawn brokerage, which were seemingly coordinated throughout the property right down to the YES, WE’RE OPEN sign wedged in its wrought iron vestibule. I wanted to commend the business’ owner for choosing a sign that so perfectly matched his striking blue and yellow facade. What attention to detail! Upon closer examination, however, I realized that it was probably not a conscious decision at all. The sign actually looked to be a traditional black-and-red open sign, one that had faded from years of exposure of California sun until it had reached the exact duotone of the store’s exterior. Isn’t that even more amazing, in a way?

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