Hollywood Hills Home-Invaders May Have Wanted Fancy Watches

Police are searching for four suspects who may have been after pricey watches in a Carmen Crest Drive home invasion Wednesday morning

The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for four suspects who held hostages at gunpoint during a predawn home invasion in Hollywood Hills West Wednesday, KTLA reports.

The brazen robbers might have been after high-end watches, as a neighbor tells the station that the place is being rented by a jeweler who’s specialty is pricey timepieces.

“On March 23, 2022, at 1:05 a.m., Hollywood officers responded to a Robbery Home Invasion in the 2500 block of Carmen Crest Drive. There were possible 4 suspects and it’s an ongoing investigation,” an LAPD spokesman tells Los Angeles.

The victims told the officers they had been held at gunpoint while the suspects took property from the residence.

According to KTLA, police believe the intruders parked up the street from the home in some type of sedan before walking over and entering. There were no signs of forced entry.

At least two handguns were used in the robbery, which police think started when one of the suspects contacted one of the victims, who had been sleeping inside the home, before taking that person’s property. The four suspects then ransacked the rest of the residence.

It’s unknown why that property or those victims were targeted, because there was “no indication that they were followed home,” police told the station.

Although a neighbor told KTLA that the home is being rented by a jeweler who specializes in high-end watches, LAPD has not confirmed that information. Investigators are trying to determine precisely what was stolen and how much the items are worth.

Officers conducted a search of the area but the home invaders had already fled.

There is no further description of the sedan used by the intruders and there were no injuries reported.

We will update this story as news becomes available.

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