Hollywood Libs Still Can’t Seem to Settle on a Democratic Candidate

As the star-studded fundraisers roll on and the donations roll in, no clear consensus has formed

With the Iowa caucuses just three months away, and a democratic field of at least ten candidates, if you include Marianne Williamson, the Hollywood elite still can’t come together and choose one contender to give their money to.

All of the leading hopefuls, and plenty of the lesser ones, have gotten substantial support in entertainment dollars but, as the fourth quarter begins, leading filmmakers, actors, writers and producers are no closer to coalescing behind a single candidate than they were back in July. At that point, former Dreamworks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg bet the field and donated the individual primary maximum of $2,800 to all 15 candidates, with other L.A. power brokers similarly hedging their bets.

Now, When They See Us director-producer Ava DuVernay tells The Hollywood Reporter she has “No clue yet” who she’ll back. Likewise, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is rooting for, “Anyone but Trump,” while Disney’s Alan Horn declares, “Haven’t decided.”

Though the latest polls have Mayor Pete Buttigieg in third place behind Elizabeth Warren, he is rolling in celebrity dough, having enjoyed the largesse of stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow—who threw him a fundraiser at her home this summer—Bradley Whitford, Michael J. Fox, Kevin Bacon, and Rob Reiner, who each gave $2,800, while Sharon Stone forked over the overall max of $5,600.

Earlier this month, Mayor Pete was back in town for a fundraiser thrown by K5 Global founder Michael Kives with Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Glenn Close, and Ashton Kutcher, co-hosted by MGM’s Jonathan Glickman, CAA’s Richard Lovett, plus Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Kamala Harris took in $2,800 each from Rita Wilson and Emma Roberts, with Sean Penn ponying up $5,600, while Jennifer Garner and ex-husband Ben Affleck split their support between Harris and Cory Booker. Don Cheadle, Lily Tomlin, Leslie Odom Jr., and Cecily Strong made smaller donations to Harris.

And while Elizabeth Warren has eschewed fancy fundraisers and corporate donors, she received the the maximum donation from Amy Schumer, Scarlett Johansson, Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes, and Lost creator Damon Lindelof, who each bestowed a $2800 gift on Harris. Rob Reiner also gave Warren $2,800, as he did for Buttigieg, and Ryan Reynolds donated $2,000.

Bernie Sanders’ modest share of the stars’ money includes $2,800 each from Susan Sarandon and Adam McKay, plus $2,000 from Shailene Woodley and $2,700 from Danny DeVito.

Not to be outdone, frontrunner Joe Biden took in $700,000 at a single Hollywood fundraiser back in May.

Activist Alyssa Milano is now on Team Joe as well. After catching heat for tossing a fundraiser for Marianne Williamson in July, it was revealed on Tuesday that Milano is set to co-host a $500-a-plate event for Biden at the Pacific Palisades home of entertainment marketing exec Lanette Phillips and music video producer Rick Lynch on November 14. Those who donate $2,800 get a photo with the former VEEP.

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