How the Agencies Are Attempting to Keep Behind-the-Scene Hollywood Business Moving

Telecommuting is becoming the norm for agency business amid the coronavirus outbreak

It was only a matter of time until some of L.A.’s major entertainment business employers, the Hollywood agencies, made contingency plans as they try to figure out how to keep scripts flowing and roles being cast for the next few months.

Starting Friday, March 13, the Paradigm Agency in L.A. will close its doors for at least a couple of weeks. It turns out this will also include Paradigm’s New York, Nashville, Monterey, Chicago, and Toronto branch offices.

This follows news that CAA, ICM, and Gersh have asked employees to work remotely beginning Friday. Most of the agencies have also grounded travel and all kinds of off-campus meetings for agents.

United Talent Agency is has instructed its 1,200 or so employees to work from home on Friday March 13, while their IT department conducts tests on teleconferencing and tests ways for groups or departments to be able to work together without congregating in its Beverly Hills offices.

WME, APA, and the Verve agencies haven’t made any public announcements about employees working from home yet, but can be expected to follow suit as more workplaces go remote and more Hollywood productions shut down.

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