Hilary Duff Wishes Putin a ‘Lonely… Tortured’ Life in Hilarious Instagram Attack

Duff’s social media manifesto captures the horror and madness of war

Hilary Duff, not normally sought for her astute political analyses, offered her thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brute aggression against Ukraine on Friday.

“GREED. Fucking Putin. I hope his existence is so LONELY and TORTURED and EMPTY,” the How I Met Your Father star posted on Instagram, her words juxtaposed with the image of a Ukrainian woman crying and covering her face.

Duff, 34, continued, “Money doesn’t make people happy. It can make your life easier but my only hope is by the grace of god his life is a miserable one. Watching the news is excruciating. I can’t imagine day after day of this reality …Fear. Loss. Losing everything you love and have worked hard for. separating from your family or watching them die. Not being able to lay them to rest. No safety. No food.”

“These Ukrainian people,” the former Lizzie MacGuire actor wrote, “have some pride and strength I don’t think I could muster. I’m now hearing human trafficking is an issue for women and children escaping the country.”

The 25 million-dollar mother of three then Insta-tumbled into something of an existential crisis: “I’m just sobbing thinking about this. Escaping one hell to another. Why and how can the world be this way? How can humans do these things to one another? Feeling helpless and gutted and angry and really just wanted to share.”

Before signing off, Duff noted, “I’m seriously sad for the people of Russia too. I can’t imagine they want to be involved in this. #Ukraine”

Duff last made headlines in February, when she defended herself for allowing her 3-year-old child to ride in the back of her car without a carseat.

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