Here’s What You Missed at the 6th Street Bridge Farewell Festival

The L.A. landmark will be demolished in January, so councilman José Huizar threw a major goodbye party

Now that we know the odds of a major earthquake hitting L.A. are extremely high, we feel especially uncomfortable driving across the 6th Street Bridge. An unusual chemical reaction in the concrete of the bridge’s supports has rendered it seismically unsafe and, sadly, unsalvageable. Demolition of the bridge is scheduled for this January, and its flowy, $428-million replacement will be completed in 2019.

The current bridge—an iconic L.A. landmark that’s appeared in such films as Grease, Drive, and Terminator 2—isn’t going gentle into that good night. Fans of the overpass from across the city joined Boyle Heights and Arts District residents for a lively farewell festival. The event had all the makings of a good time: tacos, DJs, free T-shirts, lowriders, fireworks, and, strangely, a snake handler. Here are some highlights.

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