The Park Proposed to Go Above the 101 Freeway Inches Forward


After three decades of stagnation, the plan to develop Hollywood Central Park, a 38-acre green space above the 101 freeway, is on the move. Projections call for work to start in 2016. Just one catch: the $1 billion price. With record box-office profits, couldn’t Hollywood foot the bill?

Money isn’t the problem for the $20 million renovation of Chinatown’s Los Angeles State Historic Park. The 34-acre parcel was to reopen this spring, but contaminated soil and archaeological finds in the former railyard have delayed the unveiling until next spring.

The detection of dangerous metals has set back the fall opening of the Arts District Park at 5th and Hewitt streets. The discovery of ladies’ stockings and gonorrhea medicine had led to early speculation that the land once housed a brothel. It’s more likely that the artifacts, which included family ephemera, were buried the old-fashioned way—with a shovel.