The Happy Foot/Sad Foot Sign Is Leaving Silver Lake

It’s a sad (foot) day

“Legend has it that if you pass the rotating sign and you see the happy foot, you’re gonna have a good day. But if you see the sad foot, well—you’re fucked,” comedian Charlene Yi told us earlier this year. Now it seems that time-honored form of prognostication may be gone for good, as the Sunset Foot Clinic is leaving the neighborhood–and taking its sign with it.

The Eastsider reports that the clinic and the famous sign will relocate to the rapidly-developing Rampart Village area, probably around September. And while that means it won’t be going too far, it’s still a loss of a landmark for many.

“We have patients come in and say that they grew up seeing the sign,” doctor Thomas Lim told Eastsider of the eye-catching happy foot/sad foot, which has been at the location for nearly 40 years.

When we talked to Yi about the sign, she went on to note “I don’t believe in superstitions, but the foot has either been incredibly accurate, or very good at psychologically influencing me.” She may never know what was truly going on, as when the sign debuts at its new spot, it will no longer be able to spin.


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