It’s a Sad (Foot) Day as the Happy Foot/Sad Foot Sign Comes Down

Sunset Boulevard just lost ten toes

It’s the end of an era in Silver Lake. Earlier today, Sunset Foot Clinic’s iconic Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign was removed from its post overlooking the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way.

Following the clinic’s closure at the end of last month, the owner of the building was planning to remove the double-sided sign, but was beat to the punch by Bill Wyatt of Yque Trading Post, who documented the removal on Instagram.

According to our own Chris Nichols, the sign will be put in storage until it can be relocated to the clinic’s new location in Rampart Village. In the meantime, L.A. will have to figure out a new way to determine whether they’re going to have a good or bad day.

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