Griffith Park Mountain Lion Caught Under Los Feliz Home, Really Feeling Urban Crowding

He’s used to having more space, you know?

Poor P-22 is stuck in a crawl space under a home in Los Feliz. NBC Los Angeles reports the mountain lion, who has been living in Griffith Park for the last few years, was noticed (and then filmed) by home security technicians who were installing equipment at the private residence. A team from California Fish and Wildlife is reportedly working to free him.

UPDATE 4/14/15: Despite multiple efforts to coax him out , P-22 remained under the home as of 7 a.m. Tuesday, hours after officials had called it quits for the night. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area ranger Kate Kuykendall told the Los Angeles Times that without assistance the mountain lion will hopefully “be able to come out like the ghost cat that he is.”

UPDATE 4/4/15 #2: Heeeee’s out!