Green Thumb: 3 Native L.A. Plants to Grow in Your Backyard

Budding botanists take note: Keith Malone, who volunteers with the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, shares three plants that even the most novice gardeners can nurture

Anne Taylor Fleming wrote about the city’s blossoming public green spaces in her January Open City column (“Park Central”). She extolled the charms of Westlake’s Vista Hermosa park, which sparked the enthusiasm of reader Keith Malone. “Not only is the park landscaped beautifully,” he wrote on, “but at least 65 percent of it is composed of California native plants.” Budding botanists take note: Malone, who volunteers with the non-profit Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, identified three plants to not only look for on your next stroll, but that you can grow in your own backyard.

“It’s L.A.’s official plant. It produces very red berries and has dark green serrated leaves.”

Deer Grass
“This bunch grass produces stalks up to six feet high. It’s very drought tolerant.”

Hummingbird Sage
“This sweet-scented plant [above] feeds hummingbirds. The leaves have a velvety texture, and its stalks are red, pink, or yellow.”