GOOD Magazine Challenges LA: Stop Driving So Damn Much

They often say that when it comes to enacting change, timing is everything. With gas prices climbing to new, cringe-inducing heights everyday GOOD magazines’ recent challenge to Los Angeles residents to cut back on their driving in the month of May seems like an appealing proposal.
Staffers at the socially conscious magazine have personally pledged to “make it a full four weeks keeping our personal car use to a minimum”, relying instead on, “our bikes, our bus passes, our carpools, and our plain old feet”.
Considering May is not only a monthly of pedestrian friendly weather, but also National Bike Month and National Asthma Awareness Month, we think it’s a good time to dust off our walking shoes and rusty 10-speed.
What about you, fellow readers, have any tips for GOOD on the best ways to navigate the L.A. labyrinth sans automobile?