Golden State Killer Victims Confront the Serial Rapist and Murderer in Court

Victims and their families gave statements in a Sacramento courthouse this week

One after another, the victims of Joseph James DeAngelo and their families stood up in Sacramento County Superior Court on Tuesday and Wednesday to testify about the impact the serial killer and rapist has had on their lives.

“I want you to look at me, DeAngelo… I want you to remember what I have to say,” Jane Carson-Sandler told the so-called “Golden State Killer” Wednesday, ABC News reports.

DeAngelo raped Carson-Sandler after he broke into her home and bound and gagged her and her three-year-old son at knife point in 1976.

“My attention was not on the rape,” she said, “but fully on where did you put my son when you removed him from the bed? Where did you put him and what were you going to do to him?”

“If it wasn’t for the trauma I endured, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” she continued. “And I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am blessed beyond words.” Then Carson-Sandler paused, telling DeAngelo, “I see your eyes are closing.”

In June, DeAngelo, 74, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of first degree murder and 13 rape-related charges committed between 1975 and 1986, though admitted to crimes against 87 victims at 53 different crime scenes in a deal to escape the death penalty.

Another woman, who was just seven-years-old and asleep when her mother was bound and raped by DeAngelo, testified, “He threatened to cut my ear off and bring it to her.” DeAngelo, she said, was “proof monsters were real. I had met the boogeyman.”

Although Judge Michael Bowman referred to Pete Schultze’s mother as “Jane Doe No. 22,” Schultze—who was 11 when he was bound to bed post before DeAngelo raped his mother in 1976—told the court that his “mother is not Jane Doe.”

“We are the family of Wini Schultze,” he said, “and we have all survived because of her bravery and resolve to do whatever it took to save herself and her family.”

More victims are scheduled to testify on Thursday. DeAngelo will be formally sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

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