Gold Mine


Our office TV was glued to CNN as the 33 Chilean miners were brought to the surface yesterday with little cheers going around each time the Fenix capsule broke through the earth. This morning we got an email from Irish oddsmaker Paddy Power predicting the odds on a movie made about the miners’ ordeal. It’s pretty hilarious and we wanted to share the list of possible movie titles with their odds. They’re all kinda great but my personal favorite has got to be Chile Chile Bang Bang. Maybe on the way home tonight I’ll stop and have a victory empanada at Rincon Chileno on Melrose. Viva Chile! 

3/8 Los 33
5/2 Trapped
7/2 69 Days
7/2 Buried
5/1 Underground
10/1 2000 Feet Under
12/1 Mine
33/1 Going Underground
33/1 Super Mario
40/1 Shaft
50/1 Miners Only
66/1 Underground Holiday
66/1 H-olé! 
100/1 Captain Caveman
100/1 Tunnel of Love
100/1 Bore Me
100/1 H-olé! H-olé! H-olé!
100/1 Alive 2

100/1 Gracias Senor
200/1 My Gaping Hole
200/1 Miner Kampf
250/1 Minor-ity Report
250/1  Chile Chile Bang Bang

Photograph: Martin Bernetti / AFP – Getty Images