Glendale Becomes Recipient of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

A Glendale teacher was transferred from her classroom for showing Gay Pride videos

A third-grade teacher with the Glendale Unified School District “has been involuntarily transferred from her classroom for safety reasons” after preparing to show four gay pride videos to her class, according to new Los Angeles Times report.

However, school officials told the Times that instructor Tammy Tiber’s transfer “was not disciplinary.” The videos were planned during a June Zoom class, which allowed parent Alvina Piloyan to see the videos.

“We’re upset about the curriculum that was taught to 8-year-olds,” Piloyan told the Times. “We’re just saying it’s inappropriate for that age and that video was not very educational.”

The Glendale conflict is similar to Florida’s controversial new law many are calling “Don’t Say Gay,” which disallows conversations regarding gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Disney has opposed Florida Governor Rick DeSantis’s law, which has created blowback from some conservative Florida politicians, who are re-thinking Disney’s privileged position as one of the state’s largest private employers.

In 2003, Disney was granted restricted airspace for “special security reasons,” but many believe the company sought the temporary flight restriction, as it is officially called, to end nuisances such as aerial advertisers flying over the park. Texas Rep. Troy Nehls has asked that the no-fly-zones over both Disneyland and Walt Disney World be revoked in letters sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Fox Business reports.

“Major corporations should not get unreasonable privileges just because they have the ability to bankroll Congress, especially when they are trying to force their ideology on our children,” Nehls told Fox in a statement.

Furthermore, various right-wing outlets and personalities have contorted the company’s rejection of the law into the idea of the entertainment company “pushing a sexual agenda on children,” in the words of Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

According to the Times, Tiber was one of 21 Glendale Unified teachers participating in “Learning for Justice,” a program with goals that include “dismantling white supremacy and advancing ‘the human rights of all people.’”

“I had hoped to make my classroom a safe space, and that I could teach my students to love and accept others no matter their differences, even if some of them had been taught to disapprove or hate others who are different from them,” Tiber said during a recent school board meeting.

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