In L.A. County, Getting COVID After Being Fully Vaccinated Is Extremely Rare

Data suggests that just 0.03 percent of fully vaxxed county residents later tested positive for the coronavirus

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has released analysis that’s good news for everyone who’s gotten both their doses (or their one J&J). As the L.A. Times reports, only 933 of the 3.3 million L.A. County residents who were fully vaccinated as of May 7—0.03 percent—later tested positive for the coronavirus, and that included people who didn’t have symptoms but had to be tested for work.

Additionally, only 12 fully vaxxed L.A. County residents died, four of whom are reported to have had “severely weakened” immune systems.

“These numbers show that the vaccine is working extraordinarily well to prevent infection, illness and death in almost everyone vaccinated,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said. “We now have mounting proof that these vaccines really work.”

Despite that proof, California’s vaccination rate has been dropping in recent weeks. L.A. County is attempting to incentivize getting shots in arms: anyone 18 and older who gets a first shot at a county-run vaccination site this weekend will be entered to win a pair of Lakers season tickets.

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