Free Potato Chips and Naps Up for Grabs in Atwater Village

According to the Craigslist ad, “THIS IS NOT A SCAM”

A man in Atwater Village has taken to Craigslist to hawk a surplus of potato chips. Where did he get them? Who knows. What matters is, he’s feeling generous, and he’d like for you to swing by and pick up a few bags of “road-chips” if you’re so inclined. For sleepy passersby, the Atwater Chip Guy (which we’ve now dubbed him) is also offering up “a chair and bedding. You could just take a nap if you want,” the ad says.

Chips and Z’s will be given freely on one condition: “No emails…unless you have very specific needs to address.” In short, keep it brief—you can eat, you can snooze, but don’t bog Atwater Chip Guy down with your extraneous demands. Aside from that, everyone will get along just fine.