It’s Been a Full Year Since Fox News Dispatched a Tweet

Incidentally, the conservative news network’s last post was about a DACA ruling

This month Fox News will mark the passing of a somber anniversary. No, it’s not the three-year commemoration of Roger Ailes’s resigning in sex-accusation disgrace (that was in July) nor is it marking two years since Bill O’Reilly departed under similar circumstances (that was in April). This month marks one year since the network last tweeted.

Fox News’s official Twitter account, which has 18.4 million followers, has posted nothing since November 8, 2018. Fox News has never explained its silence, and it declined to comment for this story. But sources say network bigs were peeved when their favorite child, Tucker Carlson, had his home address published on the social media juggernaut by DC antifa group Smash Racism and others.

Twitter eventually took the posts down, but not fast enough for Fox News, which was infuriated by initially being told to “open a support ticket.”

Protesters reportedly banged on Carlson’s door and frightened his wife while he was at work. After Fox News execs got Twitter’s no-support support message, managing editor Greg Wilson emailed about 140 employees to “please refrain from tweeting out our content…until further notice.”

The network’s stars, scamps that they are, have largely ignored that directive.

Sean Hannity spent a September morning furiously tweeting about the impeachment, while Jeanine Pirro has been promoting her new book. Carlson, however, has been less active. He’s tweeted just once since August 8—two days after he ignited an uproar for calling white supremacy “a hoax” in the wake of the El Paso shootings. The comment led dozens of advertisers to drop Tucker, and the network allegedly sent him on vacation to cool off.

In hindsight his second-to-last tweet, on August 7, is amusingly wrong. “The left wants to silence us,” it reads. “They won’t.”

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