Four Southern California Men Charged in Alleged Terrorist Plot


Four suspects—Sohiel Omar Kabir, Ralph Deleon, Miguel Santa Vidriales, and Arifeen David Gojali—have been charged with plotting a “violent jihad” against Americans at government facilities and in public places abroad.

A statement released by the FBI Monday details how the four men from different areas of Southern California met and conspired over the last two years, their plans to receive terrorist training with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and how the investigative bureau learned of the extremists through an informant.

According to the L.A. Times, the suspects were arrested following a months-long undercover operation and just one day after the men purchased plane tickets to the Middle East. 

NBC reports Deleon, Santana and Gojali have already appeared before a U.S. District Court judge, and that Kabir was apprehended in Afghanistan.