A Former Pacific Railway Depot Is Hiding Behind a Construction Fence in North Hollywood

This year’s Great Los Angeles Walk provides a look at our city’s transportation history—to those who are looking

If you’d like to walk off those Thanksgiving calories before they make their way onto your plate, might I suggest this pre-emptive, urbanist version of a Turkey Trot. This Saturday is the Great Los Angeles Walk, an all-day adventure that traverses a major L.A. boulevard the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year (its ninth!) the walk tackles Ventura Boulevard, walking east from Warner Center all the way to North Hollywood. Seventeen-point-one miles might sound daunting, but don’t worry: The pace is casual, the company is good, and you’ll likely be too wrapped up in great conversations with new friends to notice your mileage (or aching feet). However! Near the end, as you wind your way up through North Hollywood, be sure to peek over the construction fence at this former Pacific Railway depot at Chandler and Lankershim. The building, which dates to the late 1800s, was used as a freight railway stop and later as a Red Car station, and it’s currently being restored by Metro. It’s the perfect little slice of history to end your walk—before your slice of pie.

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