Forget Paris: Why L.A. Is The City Of Love-At-First Sight


Writer, humorist, and This American Life regular Davy Rothbart shares his hard-earned wisdom about love, American style in a new book

Your new book, My Heart Is an Idiot, chronicles your efforts to find love. As a resident of L.A. and Ann Arbor, how do you think we compare in the romance department?
Because Michigan has only a few cool bars, you see people about 30 times before you exchange words, so it’s more familiar. Here it has to be more intentional, and it has to be a date, which is a lot of pressure. But I appreciate how serendipity can play a role—I bet there’s more love at first sight here. It’s such a huge city, with so many people. When you see someone you find attractive, you know that if you don’t talk to them, you may never see them again.