Five Facts To Learn Before Black History Month Ends


Every four years, Black History Month gets an extra day. To celebrate, here are five pieces of trivia.

  1. In 1978, Jayne Kennedy was the first African American woman to be a sports announcer for NFL Today on CBS. She left the show after the 1983 football season.
  2. In 1983, Santa Barbara Boulevard was renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. This was three years before King’s birthday became a national holiday. Many of the street signs are abbreviated to King Blvd. because of its length.
  3. In her collection of an estimated 3.5 million items of black Americana, Los Angeles librarian and historian Mayme Clayton owned an autographed copy of the first book published by and African American. Her collection can be seen at the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum in Culver City, CA.
  4. The Capitol Records building is also known as “the house that Nat built” due to the significant amount of revenue Nat King Cole’s record sales brought to the  record company in the 1950s.
  5. In 1916, Georgia Ann Robinson became the first African American policewoman in the United States. She was initially hired by the Los Angeles Police Department as a matron, did not wear a uniform, and was not paid for her service. On June 10, 1919 she was considered a regular policewoman with pay.