Files Sent by Alex Jones Included Child Porn, Sandy Hook Lawyers Claim

Jones—who was just ordered to pay $4.1 million—says the images were a “malware attack attempting to embed” child porn on his servers

A Texas jury on Thursday awarded the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim $4.1 million in compensatory damages in their $150 million defamation case against Alex Jones for saying the mass murder was a hoax. And that’s not even the worst news the conspiracy theorist has gotten this week.

Lawyers representing the families said that files they were sent by the Infowars founder and excitable babbler as part of the discovery process contained child pornography, according to court papers filed Monday, NBC News reports.

The images were found in electronic documents requested during a hearing back in April, according to the filing. A lawyer representing the families has alerted the FBI, which is looking into who sent the emails.

“The FBI advised counsel that its review located numerous additional illegal images, which had apparently been sent to Infowars email address,” the filing says.

Jones’ side says he had nothing to do with the images.

During a segment on Infowars last week, Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis said the FBI cleared Jones after an inquiry found “there was no suggestion that anyone here wanted that material, ever looked at it or even knew about it.” Pattis said the pornography was found in emails sent to Jones that were never opened, according to the Associated Press.

Any “suggestion that anyone at Infowars knew child [pornography] was embedded in emails is risible,” Pattis added in a statement to NBC News.

Infowars has described the emails as a “malware attack attempting to embed” child porn on Jones’ servers. On his show, Jones said he suspected one of the families’ lawyers, Christopher Mattei, of inserting the child pornography in the files in order to frame him. Jones offered a $1 million reward for information on who sent the child porn-laced emails, according to the AP.

“Total war! You want it, you got it!” Jones said, regarding Mattei. “I’m not into kids like your Democratic party… So get ready!”

It’s been a topsy-turvy week for Jones. Yesterday, opposing counsel revealed to him while he was on the stand that his own legal counsel accidentally sent a complete digital copy of his phone… to opposing counsel. From this, the other side was able to find Jones had been committing perjury.

Although $4.1 million might sound like a pittance considering Jones was being sued for $150 million—and evidence revealed he may have been earning $800,000 a day at one point—but the punitive award still has to be decided. And Jones is facing two other lawsuits in Texas filed by Sandy Hook parents.

Jones has since said that he believes the killings did happen.

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