FAQ: The Friday Afternoon Question 5/27/10


Yes, I know it’s Thursday. What the heck. 

The phone rings. Email dings. A query is posed.

This Week’s Question:  This emailer was looking for an article from 2001. She wanted our “definitive work” (wonderful phrase) on what causes congestion on freeways. They are having a brouhaha out in Washington/Oregon apparently over traffic at the Interstate Bridge.

My Answer: Writer-at-Large, Dave Gardetta wrote Hard Drive in April 2001. It is eternally interesting living in L.A. – the traffic. Everywhere you turn (using your blinker, of course, don’t be one of those) there is a line of cars in front of you. Last night I had a to-do in Hollywood and another in Venice afterwards. It took an hour to shuttle between them at around 8 p.m. on a Wednesday. I love L.A. Beep, beep.