FAQ: The Friday Afternoon Question


The phone rings, the question is posed. My institutional memory (15 years and counting) kicks in. Some are bizarre story ideas, and we have a file for those (FYI, we already know a universe can fit inside your fingernail and that drugs are bad for you). I got an easy question this week:

Today’s FAQ: “Do you know a wheat-free bakery in the city?”

My answer: Yep. Not only that, we were just at The Sensitive Baker in Culver City last month to get the magazine’s editor, Mary, who rarely eats wheat, some vegan chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles for her “significant” birthday. I’m a whole milk, butter, with a side of margarine kinda gal, but those were some good cookies and there was a decent-sized line at the bakery in the early morning hours. It was also highlighted in our 20 Top Bakeries feature in the February 2009 issue.