FAQ: The Friday Afternoon Question 1/15/10


The phone rings, email dings. 15 years of institutional memory kicks in. All sorts of interesting queries happen during the week. The best usually come on Fridays.
FAQ: I have a 3 year-old’s birthday coming up.  I’m looking for something over-the-top cool as a gift.  My budget is in the $5,000-$10,000 range … I’m looking for something that is maybe, well, less common.
MY ANSWER: That’s a good amount! One different and lasting idea can be found in our January 2010 issue (The Happiness Issue) on pg. 62: donate money in the child’s name to one of the many worthy charities in Los Angeles. The Give-o-Matic highlights everything from Surfrider and Heal the Bay to 826LA or the Art of Elysium.