FAQ 11-6-09


The phone rings. Email dings. I try to answer. Here is this week’s question.
FAQ: Can you post the information about New Leash On Life’s “Black Friday” auction? They are in danger of losing their doghouse.
MY ANSWER: Sure. I have no ties to this non-profit that rescues, spays, neuters animals and finds homes for rescues which has lost their ranch due to the crappy economy (this is their last gasp). I don’t even have a dog, I have a fish that goes by the name Petite Louie who stares at me like he knows things I do not. Every year my pals take their pound puppies (4 total) to the organization’s Nuts For Mutts todo held at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. The org sent a newsletter around to members that they are having an auction the day after Thanksgiving (November 27th) to raise funds to keep the pooches house open. They’ve gotten a month’s reprieve according to the note. Check back at www.newleash.org to bid when the date gets closer or if you’d like to donate items/services contact Stacy Lifton – [email protected].