Famous L.A. Corners Star in UCLA Student Projects


When composer Laura Karpman had the chance to lead a workshop on multimedia art at UCLA this spring, she decided L.A. itself should be the focus. 

She divided the class into small groups and asked them to look at four iconic corners:  Florence & Normandie, Hollywood & Vine, Caesar Chavez (Brooklyn) & Soto, and Rodeo & Brighton.

Then Karpman asked the students to create multimedia videos that capture what those intersections mean. “I encouraged everyone to examine the past, present, and future of these corners, exploring these intersections as snapshots of L.A. life,” she says.

What they created is unique takes on four very different sections of Los Angeles. Our favorite is this video about Cesar Chavez & Soto by Carolina Ortiz, Andy Sowers, and Visna Krzic. One thing to note: the students were restricted to shooting new footage with cell phone cameras only.

 Check it out: