Facing Massive Johnny Depp Debt, Amber Heard Sells Yucca Desert Hideaway

Heard didn’t even use the modest Mohave house she bought in 2019 until the trial started, and now she is selling her refuge

The dueling defamation suits between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the media circus it nourished could be the most Roaring Twenties thing to happen so far this decade, but the whole affair’s been taking a definite Great Depression turn the last few weeks, as Heard just keeps on losing and losing while Depp sucks down every last bit of marrow from his victory.

After being defeated in the Fairfax County, Virginia trial and ordered to pay ex-husband Depp what amounts to $10.35 million for a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote describing herself as a domestic abuse survivor, heavily implicating Depp as her abuser, Heard is now selling her modest, three-bedroom house in Yucca Valley.

According to TMZ, Heard’s desert getaway closed for $1,050,000 on July 18.

As previously reported, the home is a secluded 120 miles from Los Angeles, and Heard’s name wasn’t even on the deed—but a mysterious trust linked to Heard makes it clear that it was her own Fortress of Solitude. Although she bought the isolated spread in 2019, she didn’t move into it until this year, at the height of the trial.

Celebrity real estate website Dirt reported in May that Heard’s trust bought the place for $570,000, which means Heard just pulled down a tidy profit of $480,000. Which is at least something of a break for Heard after a series of hard losses.

As TMZ helpfully recounted, Heard was seen shopping with her sister Whitney Henriquez at a Bridgehampton T.J. Maxx as the verdict loomed in June, but Page Six was quick to point out that she was also seen perusing the wares at the upscale Citarella in Southampton just a week later.

Two weeks ago, Heard’s motion for a mistrial was shot down even though it seems there were some highly questionable shenanigans going on in jury selection. Additionally, her insurance companies, which Heard had been counting on to pony up the legal costs and judgement, decided to withdraw their coverage after the decision.

Oh, and a recent study from investigators hired by Depp’s team indicated that there was an organized, systematic online campaign to intimidate Heard’s supporters.

Depp, meanwhile, just made $3.6 million with his debut exhibit as a hot, new visual artist.

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