Ezra Miller’s Cult Leader Trip is Nothing New to Old Friends

The performer, who pals say only insists on they/them pronouns in public, has a long, troubled history of being Ezra

A new deep dive into the Ezra Miller saga finds that the nonbinary Flash actor could see most of their legal troubles disappear—but that people around them, who disclosed disturbing new details, have been worried about their erratic behavior for quite a while.

Vanity Fair interviewed “more than a dozen” individuals who have, at various times, been close to the actor for a new report on Miller’s turbulent, potentially career-ending mental health spiral, with some of the sources referring to the actor with masculine pronouns, saying Miller doesn’t even use they/them in private.

Three friends, who opted to remain anonymous, attested to the star having “wrapped the superhero they play into their grandiose speechifying,” including a quote from one who says Miller’s been “claiming that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus.”

Miller’s odd and often aggressive behavior has landed him in the news, and at odds with law enforcement, on multiple occasions in recent years. Last month, after Warner Bros. finally mentioned the possibility of cancelling the release of the much-anticipated The Flash movie, Miller released a contrite statement about their “complex mental health issues” and said they were seeking treatment.

Legal troubles aside, things had gotten so weird with Miller that even self-described “longtime friends” dished to the magazine about the situation inside the star’s Vermont home which, with every new detail, sounds more like a cult leader’s compound—complete with “an altar that’s home to bullets, weed, sage, and Flash figurines.”

One source reportedly close to Miller said the actor was offended by supposed friend Susan Sarandon not inviting them to a dinner party, and that they demanded the actress “come pay tribute to his altar” as penance for the perceived slight. Miller’s rep assures the mag that the two are “dear friends” and that Miller would label this story “total bullshit.”

One of Miller’s most worrying alleged obsessions to the people around them has been their fixation on guns, VF says. “One friend recalls Miller pulling up to meet him with an assault weapon in the center console. Another person remembers Miller burning sage out of the barrel of an AR15 and waving it around while singing. Late last year, Miller allegedly embarked on a meandering road trip with a small entourage, weapons, and a Kevlar vest.”

At one point, another friend says, they made a trip to check on the actor after a troubling viral social media post—in which they threatened to kill KKK members—and found a concerning scene.

“We got there, and there was a big bow and arrow cocked on the table, facing the door,” the associate recalls. “Ezra was lying facedown on the floor… There was just nobody there, but Ezra, sort of drunk, alone with a bow and arrow because the other people had taken the guns and locked them away. And Ezra was freaking out about it.”

This was around the same time, says another person in Miller’s orbit, that the actor went on a spree of firing people on their business team. “He fired every single person, starting from business people, his parents, just every single person, one by one. He’d kind of start giggling after the person would start crying or something.”

But even as the wild anecdotes continue to surface, the actual legal challenges to Miller seem to be evaporating.

“No charges were pressed in Iceland,” VF reports. “In Hawaii, Miller paid a $500 fine after pleading no contest to a disorderly conduct charge related to the karaoke arrest, as part of a plea deal where other charges were dropped. Other allegations in Hawaii—about Miller hurling a chair at a woman, and breaking into a couple’s home, shouting obscenities, and stealing a passport and other legal documents—were subsequently dropped.”

Two protection orders were issued against Miller in June, but the North Dakota parents of 18-year-year Tokata/Gibson Iron Eyes, who alleged the actor groomed and brainwashed the teen, have withdrawn a custody request “believing the odds were stacked against them.”

VF does not report on the status of the second order, made in Massachusetts by the mother of a nonbinary 12-year-old Miller made “uncomfortable” on multiple occasions.

The saddest quotes in the reckoning come from people who knew Miller before their implosion.

Miller’s ex-fiancee, who identifies herself only as Erin, says that although her relationship with the actor was free of the kind of destructive behavior they’ve been exhibiting lately, their manipulative tendencies were evident.

“The Ezra I knew wasn’t violent or physically abusive toward anyone. To think back is painful because we had a deep love and he was good to me.” But, Erin, adds: “For years he convinced me and all our friends that I was abusive… But looking back, I would be calling out his disrespect and he wouldn’t take responsibility and just call me abusive because of my reaction. I could have handled it better. I didn’t know the term gaslight back then. I was emotionally fucked up for years.”

Stephen Chbosky, who directed Miller in a fantastic performance in 2012’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, says he knew a different person. “I hope Ezra finds the light that they shined so brightly back when we shot the movie, because the kid I met was a remarkably magical person. And I always like to believe that that person is always in there, and I hope that they can find the help that they need.”

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