Exploring L.A. at a Stroller’s Pace


A year-and-a-half ago I started this column to highlight, as I called it, “the weird and wonderful L.A. captured from the sidewalk” during my pedestrian adventures. Well, my walking experience in L.A. is about to undergo a radical transformation: I’m about to give birth to my first child, and the way I navigate the city is about to change as well. But not too much! I’m looking forward to raising a multimodal family, where my kids are as comfortable riding bikes and buses as they are hopping into a car. Walking is a huge part of that. Not only am I looking forward to introducing my daughter to the best L.A. has to offer on foot, I also hope to show her the diversity and beauty found in this city which you can truly only discover at a stroller’s pace. I’ll be back in a few months with a new column, but until then, you can follow me at @awalkerinLA to see what it’s like to ride Metro with a newborn. Thanks for reading!

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato eater, and a walker in L.A. She has shared an experience from her adventures around town at CityThink each week. Follow her daily on Instagram at @awalkerinLA, on Twitter, or at her blog, and use the hashtag #betteroffped to share your own photographs of walking in L.A.