Exclusive: Hollywood Bowl to Debut A New Wine Bar This Summer

See what the space will look like when it is finished and how construction is shaping up

There’s something buzz-worthy happening at the Hollywood Bowl this month—and it’s not listed on the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s summer series concert schedule. A wine bar, designed by Callas Architects, Inc. and situated adjacent to the existing marketplace on the east side of the property, is under construction and will be completed in advance of the bowl’s kickoff concert on June 22. CityThink got a first look at the Patina-run bar, which will fit up to 250 people and boast circular “cloud-like” canopies that match the curvy lines of the Hollywood Bowl, smooth troweled white plaster walls, charcoal grey carpeting, modern furnishings, and downstairs storage for up to 32 kegs—all for a cool $4,024,772 million price tag (paid for by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association). While a menu has not yet been set, it’s safe to expect small bites plus a considerable list of wines and beers and possibly some cocktail options. Los Angeles Philharmonic COO Gail Samuel says the bar has been in the works since before she was promoted to the position last fall. “The county grants us stewardship of the Bowl, and we take very seriously the fact that we need to keep making it better,” she said. “For people who aren’t sitting in boxes and using tables, to have another place to go and sit and have food and drinks is a great option.” So how will Samuel celebrate the bar’s grand opening? “With a glass of champagne.” Take a look: