Even Hollywood’s ‘Rams House’ Sign Couldn’t Make Some People Happy

Changing the iconic Hollywood sign to ’Rams House’ almost didn’t happen. And then fair-weather fans dumped all over it

It was a glorious afternoon in Los Angeles Wednesday as thousands took to the streets to join the Rams in a parade celebrating their second-ever Super Bowl win. But evidently the sun-soaked victory festivities weren’t enough for some people, because after the iconic Hollywood sign was temporarily altered to read “RAMS HOUSE,” they felt it didn’t look quite awesome enough.

First of all, the whole project was nearly defeated by the gods themselves. As LAist reports, as late as Tuesday afternoon the sign still read “RALLYOUSE” because workers had only managed to hang the “R,” “A,” “O,” U,” “S,” and “E” banners. But whatever thing or act “RALLYOUSE” might suggest, it was an improvement on Monday evening, when the hillside lettering warned of “RALLYWOSE.”


The problem, the Hollywood Sign Trust informed LAist, was a blast of “particularly un-L.A. weather” consisting of wind and rain that thwarted the riggers’ work—riggers who had been laboring since at least 6:30 in the morning, it should be noted.

And perhaps the transformation wasn’t as spot-on as when artist Zachary Cole Fernandez turned the hills into a welcome beacon reading “HOLLYWEED” in 2017, but he got busted on misdemeanor trespassing charges for his trouble.

Finally, the sign was completed in all its splendor in plenty of time for the county-wide partying to commence. Yet, even then, some folks just did not want to be happy.

“I figured I’d spell it out for you since no one can actually read it,” one critic tweeted. “It looks ridiculous.”


Another wondered, “Did they change the Hollywood sign to Rams House with toilet paper? Name a worse Hollywood production than this.”

Even the online bookies took their shots, with Bet_ForTheWin musing,”That attempt to turn the HOLLYWOOD sign into ‘RAMS HOUSE’? Didn’t go exactly as planned”

And though you might expect an outfit called TheRamsWire to cut the team—and the city—some slack, they also felt the need to chime in.

Thankfully, at least one person was thoughtful enough to give the mammoth undertaking some well-needed perspective.

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