Erika Jayne Says Victims ‘Will be Taken Care of’ in $55M Legal Nightmare

The ”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star adds that she’s ”fighting with one hand behind my back” but will be just fine

“I like where I’m going to end,” says Erika Jayne. “It’s going to be fine.”

Confident words from the “How Many Fucks?”songstress/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, considering that she’s accused in a $55 million lawsuit filed last month of being the “frontwoman” for a “criminal enterprise” that was allegedly disguised as her now-estranged husband’s lucrative law firm.

Jayne, 50, whose soon-to-be-ex, onetime star L.A. attorney Tom Girardi, 87, is alleged to have bilked former partners and clients—including the families of 189 people who died when a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max crashed off the coast of Indonesia in 2018—shared her optimism with Page Six Friday.

Due to several million legal reasons, however, she could not share much.

“Listen, I want to be very clear here: I have cooperated fully with everything,” she said. “Despite what is out there in blogs or tweets or anything on social media, please understand that I’ve cooperated fully.”

As for the people her husband of 21 years is alleged to have robbed in order to—accusers claim—fund their extravagantly high-class reality TV lifestyle, Jayne told the gossip column, “Of course I have empathy for them. I had empathy for them then, and I have empathy for them now. And I trust that they will be taken care of.”

Jayne also addressed a trailer for the upcoming Season 12 of RHOBH which features her screaming at Kung Minkoff, “You want to be on the side of the victims because you think it’s cool! I don’t give a fuck about anybody else but me!”

Explained Jayne, “I think you also need to remember that I’m fighting with one hand behind my back. I’ve walked right up to the line of what I can and cannot say. And so I tend to get frustrated when I’ve said all I can.”

With that, Jayne forced herself into silence, adding, “And I can’t say anymore, yet I’m continuously being pressed about it. That’s why you see me [have an outburst]. And let’s be honest. That’s what they love more than anything, is to needle me because they know I can’t say anything.”

Reiterating that she’s “fine,” Jayne admitted, “Even if I didn’t feel that way, I’d still tell you I felt good about it. But I really do. It’s going to be just fine.”

Jayne and Girardi have both denied any wrongdoing.

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