Eric Garcetti Wants You to Design a Tote Bag for L.A.


All right, L.A., time to put that abundance of creativity to use: the mayor has announced a contest to design L.A.’s official reusable tote, which he is hoping will be “the most interesting reusable tote bag in America.” Well. If there’s one thing we have going for us, it’s that the vast majority of L.A.’s populace can be considered “interesting” in most senses of the word.

The contest, which the mayor and councilmember Paul Koretz announced last week, was sparked by L.A.’s recent ban on plastic bags. Hopefuls can submit their ideas on Garcetti’s website. If graphic design—or drawing, or finger painting, or coloring—isn’t your forte, fear not: you can contribute by voting for your favorite design (or coercing a more talented friend into submitting). Remember: this bag will be distributed citywide, so it needs to look cool.

Here are the rules, per Mr. Garcetti:

  • Single color stencil images only
  • For optimal presentation, upload your image as a single color PNG file with a transparent background. Best dimensions are 1150 pixel height by 800 pixel width with the image centered. Leave at least a 150 pixel margin from the top of the canvas to the start of the image
  • Please include contact information so that we may reach out to the winning designer
  • Submitted images under copyright by a third party or that include obscenities will automatically be removed/disqualified

The contest has no deadline as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Create on, Angelenos!