Here Are the L.A. Homes That’ll Hit the Market When Elon Musk Sheds His Worldly Possessions

”I am selling almost all physical possessions,” he tweeted. ”Will own no house.”

It seems like it’s been a rough week at Elon Musk’s house.

The outspoken billionaire is really, really put out about stay-at-home orders. In recent comments he has described the pandemic guidelines as “fascist” and a form of “forcibly imprisoning” people, and he has been calling on leaders to “give people back their god damn freedom.”

His frustrations bubbled over first in the Tesla earnings call on Wednesday that devolved into what the Washington Post termed an “expletive-laden rant.” And today we saw another strange tirade, this time on Twitter, in which Musk stated he would be divesting himself of his small empire of real estate–along with a few other things.

“I am selling almost all physical possessions,” he posted. “Will own no house.”

While we don’t know how serious he is about this pledge, you probably don’t make money betting against Elon Musk following through on crazy-sounding things he says he’s going to do, so let’s play this idea out. Any sell-off of the Elon Musk house portfolio would be big news in L.A. real estate circles–or at least the rarified circles located around Bel Air.

Based on publicly available information, Musk currently owns seven homes worth an estimated total of $100 million. For reasons that are his own, six of those homes are all located near one another (though, as Variety reports, mostly not actually contiguous properties) in a single cluster inside a gated community in Bel Air.

Here’s a bit of what we know about the homes that might be hitting the market, just in case the idea of quarantining in a new, multimillion-dollar estate strikes your fancy.

elon musk real estate elon musk bel air house

Image: Google Maps

1. Purchased for $17 million in 2012, this seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom, 20,248-square-foot manse has a tennis court and, as one would hope from the Tesla exec, solar panels on the roof.

elon musk real estate elon musk bel air house

Photo: Sotheby's International Realty

2. Previously owned by Gene Wilder (though Musk didn’t buy it directly after he lived there), this property was reportedly adapted to be used not as a residence, but as a private school facility for Musk’s sizable brood of children, plus a few kids of his nearest and dearest to round out the classes. The place appears to hold a special place in Musk’s heart. Even amid his tweet storm, he made a point to note that a condition of selling this one would be a pact from the buyer not to tear down the structure. No such sentimentality was expressed for his other properties.

elon musk real estate elon musk bel air house

Image: Google Maps

3 & 4. Purchased in 2015 amid Musk’s on-again-off-again marriages with actress Talulah Riley, this off-market buy became his third property on the same street as the large house purchased in 2012 and the school house, according to Dirt. As a side dish, he also kicked in another $4.3 million in cash to snag a relatively modest ranch house situated on a ridge above the main mansion.

Image: Google Maps

5. This newly constructed modernist dwelling sits directly across the street from that “small” house that was purchased in 2015 because it was directly above the other house. But this whole sightline (Flight path? Tunnel path?) thing is probably just a coincidence.

elon musk real estate

Image: Google Maps

6. His most recent known buy, this was once again bought via LLC in an off-market sale. Musk is reported to have spent around $6.4 million on this one back in 2019. The seller had owned the spot since 1964 and the last assessed value of the property before the purchase was just $310,000.

If real estate isn’t your preferred form of investment, Musk also offered some hot stock tips. He tweeted his belief that Tesla’s stock was valued too highly–and then almost immediately got his wish, when, as The Independent reports, the price quickly dove nearly 10 percent.

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