Forget Mars, Elon Musk is Colonizing Bel-Air

The billionaire has a thing for the tony enclave

You can add “land baron” to SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s list of titles. The tech billionaire owns five houses in Los Angeles—all of them inside the gated community of Bel-Air. We don’t know why. You might think a wealthy bachelor like him would be more at home in something closer to Jackie Treehorn’s hilltop Lautner. But apparently, Musk is solidly a Bel-Air man.

A $4.9 million Brentwood home owned by a corporate entity managed by ex-wife Talulah Riley has been up for sale, but a source told the L.A. Times it would be incorrect to call it Musk’s home. (Of course not—it’s not in Bel-Air.) Now we hear the mogul is in the process of securing a sixth house—word on the web is he’s in the process of purchasing a $6.4 million, two-story home in an off-listing sale—next door to his last acquisition. That home was purchased in 2016 for $24.25 million. And in 2015, a banner year for Bel-Air land grabs, Musk bought two homes, one for a mere $4.3 million and the second for $20 million. In 2013 the Paypal co-founder purchased Gene Wilder’s former home for $6.5 million and turned it into a school where his five young sons are taught by private tutors.

Musk’s main residence, when he isn’t sleeping on Tesla’s factory floors, is the first property he scooped up in the tony enclave. He paid $17 million in 2012 for the 20,248-square-foot palace he calls home. It has a tennis court for quick games of doubles in between private jet flights to the Bay. It also has a home theater where he plays Fortnite until all hours, no doubt plotting which of his neighbor’s homes he’ll snatch up next. Mars can wait; Bel-Air first.

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