Elon Musk and Tesla May Have 83 MPH Backlash Headed Their Way

A SoCal man claims his Tesla malfunctioned on the freeway and left him going 83 mph with no ability to use his hazards or turn signals

Tesla made unfortunate headlines Thursday for reasons other than its Twitter-hungry CEO, Elon Musk. The owner of a new Tesla Model 3 claims that the car’s computer froze and left him stuck at 83 mph while driving on the freeway, ABC7 reports.

Irvine’s Javier Rodriguez says that he ran into some hair-raising, high-velocity technical difficulties while driving his sporty Tesla last Thursday—while heading westbound on the 10 Freeway through Cabazon.

According to Rodriguez, the car’s main screen froze, which stopped his turn signals and hazard lights from working, as well as leaving him stuck at 83 mph.

“I noticed that it started to get hot in the car and there started to be a weird scent coming,” Rodriguez told ABC7. “I was nervous that if I were to brake a whole lot that I wouldn’t be able to gain the speed again to keep up with traffic and get around cars. I was nervous somebody was going to slam into me.”

Though the accelerator did not respond, the brakes still worked, though Rodriguez noted that it was little comfort to him when he was attempting to stop.

He eventually made it off the freeway and the car rebooted, returning back to normal. An officer with the California Highway Patrol was able to help Rodriguez get off the road, where the car was eventually picked up by a tow truck.

Rodriguez later contacted Tesla, which told them it had fixed the vehicle but declined to elaborate beyond what was written in its report.

“Diagnosed and found poor communication from charge port door causing power conversion system to shut off in order to protect on board components during drive,” Rodriguez recalled, adding that he found the company’s tidy summation to be lacking.

“I need more explanation,” he said. “I’m on the freeway and this happens at 83 miles an hour. Everybody is trying to say, ‘Well we fixed it. We fixed it,’ but I need an explanation.”

Back in Oct. 2021, Uber partnered with Hertz to acquire 50,000 Tesla vehicles to rent to its drivers in a plan to convert its fleet to electric by 2030.

The decision came in accordance with California’s demands for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to have 90 percent of their fleets be electric by 2030.

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