Editor's Buzz: The Coast of Crazy


LAmag.com, July 07, 2009

Just when I was feeling defensive about Sunday’s New York Times Magazine cover story about the California governor’s race—they couldn’t resist a headline calling us “The Coast of Crazy”—Corey Feldman showed up at Michael Jackson’s memorial dressed like Michael Jackson, effectively renewing the Times’s cliche pass for at least six months.

This morning we live-blogged the MJ event on LAmag.com’s SpyGlass blog, and not only because we wanted to see who was there—we wanted to hear them. Around the office, we’re obsessed with music. The magazine’s production director, Julia St. Pierre, is a songbird—country, blues, jazz, rock, whatever, she’s on it. She sees more concerts than any teenager I know and moonlights in a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band called Petty Theft. Last Thursday, to break the tension of a long day in which we wrapped our August Best of LA issue (full of discoveries, by the way—I learned a ton), Julia borrowed a colleague’s Gibson Hummingbird and led the staff in some much-needed Petty sing-alongs. It’s no surprise, then, that we’ve tapped her as a resource for LAmag.com.

The day after seeing Dwight Yoakam perform at the Grammy Museum, Julia talked for half an hour with the singer-songwriter—her first celebrity interview. She told me she was completely flipped out, sitting in her office all alone with the door closed, staring at her prepared questions until the phone rang. Hearing Yoakam’s voice on the other end—a voice she has come to know so well as a fan—was reassuring, especially when he serenaded her with a mock version of the Swedish cover that’s been done of his “Guitars, Cadillacs.”

The local music scene and summer touring schedules have recently claimed a big chunk of real estate on SpyGlass—from Adele at the Hollywood Bowl to the return of Laserium to the Electric Daisy Carnival rave downtown to my posting (written with my theater cohort, the Macho Show Queen) on the Patti LuPone/Mandy Patinkin/Jennifer Holliday diva smackdown.We’ve also had some insider news of the non-melodic variety—our ChicLeak style blog first reported that the stylist who made the gold lame bikini that Audrina Patridge barely dons in that Carl’s Jr. TV ad is selling replicas on her Web site (yeah, you won’t see me strutting in that at Zuma, either) while our Digest food blog announced the opening of Cache, the new restaurant from Melisse’s Josiah Citrin.

I’m particularly smitten with our “My LA to Z” guides, in which we ask an Angeleno for his or her list of favorite things to see and do around town. This week our Ask Chris columnist, Chris Nichols, got an entertaining earful from Fred Willard. The comedian mapped out his favorite small theaters, divulged where he stops for chocolate cake on his way home from talk-show appearances, and explained how he took an actor (read it to find out who) to a meat lover’s paradise only to later learn that the actor was a vegetarian. Best celebrity gastronomic gaffe? Seems a likely candidate for Best of LA 2010.