Ecstasy in the 2nd Street Tunnel

Booming bass, bike bells, shrieks of joy, and other highlights from Alissa Walker’s journey downtown

If this tunnel doesn’t look familiar to you, it should: Pretty much every auto manufacturer zooms its newest car through this white tile arch in those flashy car commercials. During last Sunday’s CicLAvia, there was traffic of a different sort speeding through its dark, echoey center—tens of thousands of bikes and pedestrians. When I walked through around 2 p.m., the crowd and I were treated to a multimedia treat in the form of a shopping cart strung with flashing LED lights and loaded with a sound system blasting techno music at the tunnel’s midway point. With the booming bass, resonating bike bells, and shrieks of joy from people as they entered the darkness, I felt like I was walking through a 20-minute rave. It was a commercial of a completely different sort, just waiting to be made.

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato eater, and a walker in L.A. She shares an experience from her adventures around town at CityThink each Wednesday. Follow her daily on Instagram at @awalkerinLA, on Twitter, or at her blog, and use the hashtag #betteroffped to share your own photographs of walking in L.A.