Duncan Hunter Illegally Used Campaign Funds for “Intimate” Affairs, DoJ Filings Allege

Today’s filing comes shortly after his wife agreeing to testify against him

The investigations into San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter took a new turn today, with a court filing from the Department of Justice alleging that he illegally spent money donated to his political campaigns to carry on what the DoJ documents call “intimate” rendezvous with a series of female lobbyists and congressional staffers that were “not about business.”

According to the documents, money donated to Hunter’s campaigns between 2010 and 2016 was spend on Lake Tahoe ski trips, lavish hotel rooms shared with the women, expensive bar tabs, and Uber rides.

As Huffington Post reports, these filings come just two weeks after Hunter’s wife and former campaign manager, Margaret Hunter, pleaded guilty to a corruption charge and agreed to testify against her husband.

Previously, the Congressman had given statements which implied his wife may have been primarily responsible for the misuse of the $250,000. Both spouses were indicted in 2018, but have been represented by independant legal teams and have been seen leaving the courthouse separately.

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