Download the Perfect Beach Day

Avoid sunburn, crowds, and drowning using these five apps

Beach Report Card (Free)
Before accidentally swallowing a quart of saltwater while playing in the ocean, check your favorite beaches’ water quality. Based on an A to F grading system, Beach Report Card’s weekly analysis can help you find out which beaches are the safest. The app also shows weather, water quality history, as well as comments and photos from other users.

iSunBurn ($0.99)
Protect yourself from the lobster look. This app provides the UV Index (“how strong the ultraviolet radiation from the sun”) in any given place, so you can plan on whether to use the SPF 50 or the SPF 100. For those who don’t fear the sun, try the app Perfect Tan, which also provides the UV Index, but includes a timer that reminds you when to turn over.

Surfline (Free)
Check out detailed surf forecasts that include, “surf height, wind speed and direction, tides, current weather, sunrise and sunset times, best conditions and map location.” The app also posts high-quality surf videos every day, for those of us who would rather keep our toes on the nose … of the couch.

Tides Near Me (Free)
Avoid dangerous tides by staying up to date on current events. Tides Near Me provides tide tables, charts, and predictions, as well as what time the sun and moon will rise and set.  All the app’s data comes from over 2,700 tidal stations around the United States and is updated regularly.

Beach Safety (Free)
Like a first-aid kit in an iPhone case, Beach Safety shares vital information about identifying rip tides, treating jellyfish and blue bottle stings, and avoiding shark attacks. Great for educating kids on safety a la playa, this app will ensure that your family doesn’t end up in a sequel to the sequel of Jaws.

BONUS: An app to look for!
Our Malibu Beaches
Recently recognized in the media for reaching its Kickstarter goal of $30,000, this app is making waves by showing users public beaches in Malibu that, because of confusing signage, appear to be privately owned. Thanks to the fundraising, the app (and the most fabulous beaches in California) will be free to everyone.