What Does Disneyland Do When Hell Breaks Loose at the Happiest Place on Earth?

A violent brawl had people questioning the park’s security protocols

Last weekend a violent family brawl at Disneyland was captured on video and it went viral—with over 2 million views so far. The disturbing footage showed a man punching a woman repeatedly in the face, dragging another woman along the street of Toontown by her hair. The video also showed Disney security’s response to the melee. Initially, a janitor stepped in to break up the fight to no avail. A few park goers stepped into to lend a hand, including a Texas man who made the news. But most bystanders tried to avoid the scuffle and a few can be heard on the video asking, “Where’s security?”

Two and half minutes into the fight the first park security officer arrived on the scene. A minute later backup joined her and shortly after the Anaheim Police arrived on the scene.

According to Liz Jaeger, spokesperson for Disneyland Resort, the Park’s security officers followed protocol, which was to: “secure the perimeter, maintain the safety of guests in the vicinity, call for APD assistance and, once back up arrived, intervene to deescalate the situation.”

But as the video continues to spread, the incident has led many to ask on social media the same question posed bystanders at the incident— where was Disney’s security? Jaeger pointed us to the FAQs page on the Disney’s website in which it states that the theme parks include security measures that are visible and some that are not. The site states further: “This includes the presence of uniformed police officers using specially trained dogs to help patrol our parks and resorts, and bag checks and security checkpoints at our theme park entrances.” (All park goers must enter through metal detectors.) When pressed about specific training programs Jaeger responded: “We do not broadly discuss the specifics of our security procedures to avoid compromising their effectiveness.”

The Anahaeim police said that fisticuffs in the happiest place on Earth wasn’t a common occurrence but that it does happen, owning to heat and well, families getting irritated with one another.

The incident is currently being reviewed by Orange County prosecutors. The family members involved initially denied that they took part in the brawl. It wasn’t until after the video surfaced that an investigation was launched. So far no charges have been filed.

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