Disney LGBTQ Employees Say They’re Planning ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Walkouts

After hemming and hawing from their fearful leader, fed-up Disney workers will let their feet do the talking

Some Disney employees who are tired of CEO Bob Chapek’s failure to muster any kind of meaningful response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill—not to mention accusations that the company routinely cuts all signs of gay affection from its cartoons—have announced plans to hold a week of walkouts in protest.

The Twitter account Disney Walkout, which claims to represent a number of Mouse House workers, stated in its first and—as of Tuesday afternoon—only tweet, “The LGBTQIA+ workers and allies at The Walt Disney Company are standing in solidarity together over the coming weeks. Here is our open statement and website.”

The account, which has 437 followers, follows no one, and was first reported by Variety, included an open letter in the post which it says was written “in partnership with members of the LGBTQIA+ community across Disney Corporate, Disney Television Animation, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, Disney Streaming, Enterprise Finance, Enterprise Technology/Global Information Security and Bento Box,” as well as a link to its website, WhereisChapek.com.

Disney Walkout’s statement reads, in part: “The Walt Disney Company’s (TWDC) LGBTQIA+ community and their allies are determined to take a stand against TWDC’s apathy in the face of the bigoted ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill put forth by the FL state legislature. The recent statements and lack of action by TWDC leadership regarding the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill have utterly failed to match the magnitude of the threat to LGBTQIA+ safety represented by this legislation.”

The authors continue, “As a community, we have been forced into an impossible and unsustainable position. We must now take action to convince TWDC to protect employees and their families in the face of such open and unapologetic bigotry.”

Disney Walkout’s site also provides a list of walkout dates and times for any Mouse Housers who want to take part. The organizers say that the protest actions are planned to last for just 15-minutes each day starting March 15 and culminating in a full-day walkout event on Tuesday, March 22.

“You are protected to act while on break for the daily break walkouts,” the group warns, “but the full scale walkout that will take place on Tuesday March 22nd is not a legally protected action. Take your own situation into account before choosing to participate.”

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