Depp Trial: Johnny’s Security Guard Saw Injuries on Him, Not Heard

The security agent recalls that Depp bore signs of possible domestic abuse, and remembers Amber Heard ”screaming”

It was Johnny Depp, not Amber Heard, who had marks on their body from possible domestic abuse, testified Depp’s personal security guard.

During Thursday’s installment of the actor’s $50 million defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp’s bodyguard, Malcolm Connelly—who is still employed by Depp—told the Fairfax County, Virginia courthouse, “Whenever we’re in the public domain, I look after Johnny.”

Connelly’s first impression of Amber was “lovely, charming” he testified, but then Heard started to change. “Fiesty, demanding,” Connelly recalled. “I could tell Amber wanted to wear the pants in that relationship.” In time, he said, Heard became “crazy, crazy.”

“More often than not,” Connelly said, he would “hear the shouting—mostly Amber screaming.”

Connelly never witnessed violence between the couple—”It’s not a thing people would do in front of security”—nor did he ever see marks from a physical altercation on Heard. However, he did begin to notice an increasing amount of marks on Depp.

“A scratch on his neck… maybe a bruising on the eye socket… it was getting more regular,” he said.

Connelly saw minor incidents between the couple—one where Heard threw a plastic lighter at Depp while on a private plane, and a more dramatic incident at their apartment in Los Angeles where he described a Sprite can, “launched from the mezzanine,” landing on a piece of art Depp had commissioned, then finally exploding.

While Connelly couldn’t confirm that Heard threw the soda can-turned-projectile, he confirmed that she was in the apartment—Depp’s former residence in downtown’s Eastern Columbia Building—at the time, and on the upper level.

When asked about Depp’s drug use, Connelly said he saw Depp smoke marijuana, and only saw him drunk—”drunk drunk”—twice. He had his suspicions about some of Depp’s trips to the bathroom, assuming that the actor was doing cocaine—but stressed that Depp would never use hard drugs in front of him because he was mindful of their relationship.

“Johnny Depp would never compromise my license, my position, like that,” Connelly testified.

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