The Department of Homeland Security is Taking Extra Steps to Keep U.S. Federal Buildings Safe

What that means here in L.A. is classified

Following two terrorist attacks in Canada last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is taking “precautionary” steps to safeguard federal buildings across the country. Citing the sensitive nature of the information, DHS officials are keeping tight-lipped about what specific security measures they are taking and which of the country’s more than 9,500 government properties will see an added security presence—so it remains unclear what this means, if anything, for the federal buildings in Los Angeles. One official we contacted said the number of facilities and the cities where security measures are being implemented have been coordinated with the department’s inter-agency partners, and repeated a line from the statement Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson issued when he announced his plan on Tuesday: the Federal Protective Service’s working strategy “will be continually re-evaluated.”