Putin Pal Dana Rohrabacher Is Lobbying for an OC Company that Claims to Have a COVID Cure

The biotech firm was launched by a group of Southern California GOP operatives

Dana Rohrabacher, the Orange County pol famous for being “Putin’s best friend in Congress,” is spending his retirement as many ex-elected officials do: lobbying current elected officials. Most recently, that has seen Rohrabacher meeting with V.P. Mike Pence to advocate on behalf of a biotech start-up that thinks it might have a treatment for COVID-19.

Relatively little is known about Linear Therapies, but we do know who is behind it.

Tim Yale, president of the company, is described by O.C. Register as “a veteran GOP fundraiser who helped support President Donald Trump’s election, including working with a super PAC started by indicted Trump adviser Roger Stone.” Another not-exactly-biotech line on Yale’s résumé is working on a documentary about Hunter Biden at the behest of Rudy Giuliani.

Joining Yale on the Linear Therapies team is Phil Oakley, an ex-Army intelligence analyst linked to Michael Flynn.

O.C. Register reports that the startup says it has been working with and funding researchers in several countries, though Yale declined to name any scientists in particular. Yale did tell the paper that they’re “roughly two weeks” from applying to conduct human trials on their COVID-19 therapy.

The therapy is believed to be a type of oral inhaler, which would somehow deliver a medication designed for “stopping the coronavirus from replicating itself in people who’ve been exposed to, or already sickened by, the virus.”

Five independent biochemists who specialize in this type of treatment were contacted by the Register to share their thoughts on the viability of the treatment. While none were granted access to the research findings to evaluate in detail, all five expressed skepticism of the project.

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