Dakota Live Music Lounge Destroyed by Fire


This morning we received the unfortunate news that the Dakota Live Music Lounge was destroyed by an overnight fire. The “Dakota Lounge Family” has released the following statement:

“Late last night/early this morning (Tuesday, July 6), there was a fire at the Dakota Live Music Lounge that enveloped the venue. Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire, but unfortunately for us, the majority of the venue is now in ruins. The offices where our small staff of friends worked overtime since 2008 to build a company that brought independent and national acts to our intimate stage no longer exists. Our hand-painted mural at the bar that the owners worked almost every night behind is charred and every inch of what remains is now covered in water and soot. Whether it’s luck or a force greater than us all, though there is no roof above it, our beloved stage is still fully intact. After an emotional meeting between the owners, Alex Fieglein and Sabrina Roark, and their Vice President of Booking, Heather Rae, they have decided to try to stay on track as much as possible and do whatever it takes to reopen the venue they all devoted their lives, and their life savings, to.”

Stay tuned for any updates.