Daily Brief: The Karen Bass Transition Period; L.A. Pandemic Tenant Protections Expire

Also, a George Gascón underling says the L.A. DA treated John Legend as anything but an “Ordinary Person” when his Porsche got nicked


» Threat Of Evictions Looms In Los Angeles As Pandemic Protections Expire Tenant protections in Los Angeles County that have kept families housed throughout the pandemic are set to end Dec. 31, meaning that more than 30,000 households could face eviction by the end of the year, according to estimates based on county Superior Court records. The expiration of pandemic-era tenant protections and emergency housing will likely be devastating for low-income families in L.A., where at least 69,000 people are already experiencing homelessness. The eviction moratorium for the City of Los Angeles is set to expire Jan. 31., 2023—one month after the county’s. [NPR]

» Griffith Park Pony Rides To Shut Down After 74 Years The historical landmark, which has been in operation in Southern California since 1948, will close by the end of this year. Owner Stephen Weeks says he now is tasked with finding new homes for the more than four dozen ponies. Griffith Park Pony Rides has faced backlash from animal rights activists and the group Los Angeles Animal Alliance (LAAA). Demonstrators had been protesting the rides weekly for months and claimed the animals were being abused and overworked in hot temperatures during the summer months. [FOX]

» Retail Theft Ring Busted By LAPD The Los Angeles Police Department has busted an organized crime ring that robbed retail stores as recently as Thursday and Friday, the police department said in a written statement released Saturday. The police arrested 18 suspects in connection with robberies valued at around $23,000. The suspects ranged in age from 15 to 20 and were likely involved in 14 earlier incidents, with stolen goods valued at $90,000. [L.A. Times]

» SoCal Inches Closer To A Mask Mandate As COVID cases and other viruses continue to rise, the Southland is inching closer to another mask mandate. Experts say the combination of COVID, the flu, and RSV is putting an enormous strain on hospitals, especially children’s hospitals which are seeing an influx of RSV cases. In addition, the CDC says flu levels are off the chart in California, with Los Angeles and Southern California leading the state. 25 percent of people who tested for the flu in Los Angeles have tested positive. [CBS]

» Jeanne Dielman Tops Sight & Sound’s 2022 Poll of the Best Films of All Time Another decade, another Sight & Sound poll. On Thursday, the British magazine unveiled the 2022 edition of its long-running critics’ poll on the greatest films of all time, with Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles taking the top spot—the first film from a female director to achieve the honor since the poll began in 1952. [indiewire]



» Glass Onion: A Knives Out Experience Takes Escape Rooms to a Whole New Level Unleash your inner Benoit Blanc this holiday season with your very own “Knives Out” immersive mystery experience



Louise Linton, Wife of Steve Mnuchin, Is Exceptionally Well Heeled

The fact that Louise Linton, aka Mrs. Steve Mnuchin, loves clothes—and gloves and bags and shoes—comes as no surprise. But the fact that the actress/director/producer/animal rights’ activist/philanthropist has now produced her own shoe line—a sexy, environmentally friendly non-leather one—is unexpected.

First off, “sexy” and “vegan” seem almost the opposite. Unless you live in Los Angeles. Sure, the Brit-born blonde won “Most Stylish Woman” at the Scottish Style Awards in 2009. But the stiletto loving 5’7” Linton is not someone you’d expect to wear, let alone create, vegan shoes.

“I was wearing a lot of Louboutin’s and Tom Ford’s,” she confesses. “But I’ve always had great passion for animal welfare. I’d been wishing there were alternatives out there, say, a vegan and sustainable stiletto.”


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