Daily Brief: Rain and Snow to Snarl Thanksgiving Travel, What It Takes to Be Happy in L.A., and More

Also a Santa Barbara County wildfire, Bill Cosby’s jailhouse interview, and Mark McGrath’s Cameo breakup

» The Cave Fire, which started Monday in the hills northeast of Goleta in Santa Barbara County, has burned upward of 3,000 acres and has forced evacuations. [The Mercury News]

» SoCal is bracing for rain and snow storms that could seriously impact Thanksgiving travel plans. Experts were already predicting some of the worst traffic in 15 years. [Los Angeles Times]

» “No government in modern memory has been this dedicated to limiting every form of immigration to the United States.” Take a deep dive into the White House’s philosophy of immigration and the history around it.  [Huffington Post]

» Can money buy happiness? If so, you’ll need a lot of it. A new study claims that to “be happy” in L.A., you’ll need an annual income of $204,855.  [Fox 11]

» In a rare interview from prison, Bill Cosby told a reporter that he won’t express remorse for his crimes (which he still says he didn’t commit) when he comes up for parole and also referred to the jurors who found him guilty as “imposters.” [NBC News

» USC’s band director is set to retire after 50 years. When Arthur C. Bartner took the job, the band had just 50, all-male members.  [ABC Los Angeles]

» Digging in to the darkness that is Cameo, someone hired Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath to deliver a breakup video to her boyfriend. The now-viral video may be a hoax, but it’s a masterpiece in cringe humor.  [The A.V. Club]


» The Untimely Death of Celeb Restaurateur Harry Morton The Pink Taco founder, former flame of Lindsay Lohan, and son of the creator of Hard Rock Cafe was only 38

» A 19th Century Gadget Is Turning Out One of L.A.’s Most Exciting New Dishes There’s nothing better than duck that’s hot off the press

» What’s Apple’s Streaming Strategy? Think of Its Content as Catnip With the launch of Apple TV+, the tech giant is using pricey shows with big stars to get consumers hooked


restaurants open Thanksgiving

Photo: Getty Images

Not in the Mood to Cook? These L.A. Restaurants Are Open on Thanksgiving

Sometimes you’re just not up for making a huge meal at home on Thanksgiving Day. There are a million totally legit reasons why browning a giant bird in your oven may not be for you, and there’s zero shame in wanting to keep your kitchen in order and just go out for dinner.

We have a whole list of spots to try. There are formal feasts at Bourbon Steak and Lawry’s, casual bites (and killer pie) at Cassell’s, cannabis pairing plates at Lowell Cafe, and more.


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